GCRPA Projects. Cont.

GCRPA Projects Cont.

GCRPA Projects Cont.


Charles "Sanford" Stone of Park Cabin Company, LLC, was granted $2000 by GCRPA to assist with signage. Stone's new business is open for business at 75 West Shore Duck Road, Babb, MT. "The support and generosity of the Glacier County Port Authority was incredibly beneficial as we started our new business. The many costs involved in getting a business off of the ground can be overwhelming and we were so grateful to have the GCRPA as a resource to help mitigate those expenses. The grant we were provided covered the cost off all of our business signs, which was a crucial element in helping to establish our presence in the area." - Park Cabin Co. (photos courtesy of Park Cabin Co.)

Park Cabin Company, with the assistance of the Glacier County Regional Port Authority, will be installing an 8kw dual-tracking solar PV system, which will provide 85% of its electrical needs prior to optimization. An agreement has been completed between Park Cabin Company and Glacier Electric Co-Op. The GCRPA's $2000 grant will cover 6% of the overall project cost, and reduce the payback of the system by over a year. Among the many benefits are resource conservation, increased air quality, cost saving for Glacier Electric and Park Cabin Co., on-the-job training for a local resident who is a state and tribal licensed electrician, general construction to be done by Hillhouse Sawdust Co., a local business near Babb, MT, and competition with eco-tourism on the west side of Glacier National Park. As we in Glacier County like to say, "East side, best side!" The GCRPA is proud of its involvement with Sanford and Claire Stone, who have proven to be two very successful young entrepreneurs, and have done a tremendous amount for the innovation and economic development of their region. (Facebook photos)

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