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GCRPA Projects. Cont.

GCRPA Projects Cont.



Charles "Sanford" Stone of Park Cabin Company, LLC, was granted $2000 by GCRPA to assist with signage. Stone's new business is open for business at 75 West Shore Duck Road, Babb, MT. "The support and generosity of the Glacier County Port Authority was incredibly beneficial as we started our new business. The many costs involved in getting a business off of the ground can be overwhelming and we were so grateful to have the GCRPA as a resource to help mitigate those expenses. The grant we were provided covered the cost off all of our business signs, which was a crucial element in helping to establish our presence in the area." - Park Cabin Co. (photos courtesy of Park Cabin Co.)

sign 6.jpg
solar panel.jpg

Park Cabin Company, with the assistance of the Glacier County Regional Port Authority, will be installing an 8kw dual-tracking solar PV system, which will provide 85% of its electrical needs prior to optimization. An agreement has been completed between Park Cabin Company and Glacier Electric Co-Op. The GCRPA's $2000 grant will cover 6% of the overall project cost, and reduce the payback of the system by over a year. Among the many benefits are resource conservation, increased air quality, cost saving for Glacier Electric and Park Cabin Co., on-the-job training for a local resident who is a state and tribal licensed electrician, general construction to be done by Hillhouse Sawdust Co., a local business near Babb, MT, and competition with eco-tourism on the west side of Glacier National Park. As we in Glacier County like to say, "East side, best side!" The GCRPA is proud of its involvement with Sanford and Claire Stone, who have proven to be two very successful young entrepreneurs, and have done a tremendous amount for the innovation and economic development of their region. (Facebook photos)

Free Little Library image.jpg

Friends of Glacier County Library - Little Free Libraries

The Glacier County Regional Port Authority is proud to assist the Friends of Glacier County Library with a $1500 award from the Economic Development Fund to assist the Free Little Library project. The funding will provide start-up shelving and books for the communities of Babb, Browning, Cut Bank, and East Glacier Park. Goals are to increase reading at home for children ten years and younger and to provide access to quality books. New books will be supplemented with gently used donated books. (Google image)

Cast a lot photo.jpg

Cast A Lot...Hooked On Life is a new business which will include fishing apparel specific to the needs of women who enjoy outdoor adventure. Cast A Lot will provide an affordable, unique ultimate guide shirt built for superior performance in a pallet of bright colors created from moisture wicking material and a breathable mesh vent. Another product line will include Cast A Lot Coffee Blend, a one of a kind ground gourmet coffee ready to market to everyone. All Cast A Lot merchandise is available online, and for retail in local Glacier County shops. The Glacier County Regional Port Authority awarded $2000 of Economic Development Funds to Sonja Ray and Lisa Wyrick for their new business. "The funding that we received through the Economic Development Fund award has allowed us to truly grow as new business entrepreneurs. The funding was the first stepping stone for our new business and we are very appreciative of the board supporting our vision in economic growth and community development," shared Sonja and Lisa. (Photo courtesy of Sonja Ray)

U Bet Betsy, doing business as Natural Warrior, is run by Glacier County's own Douglas Loring and Betsy Anderson Loring. U Bet Betsy Herbal Liniment is a natural herbal liniment that acts as a topical pain relief solution. This flagship product has received astonishing and exceptional results. The standout product  has customers who have tried various topical pain relief solutions, and claim that U Bet Betsy liniment is the only one that is effective in treating their pain. U Bet Betsy has strict quality control in using only the best, organic herbs available, and works to locally source their ingredients, maintaining a strong ethic in supporting their neighbors. "We at U Bet Betsy are extremely passionate about our products and it is the testimony of our clients that drives that passion. While it is our goal to get our product to as many as possible, we will remain dedicated to clean products." The Glacier County Regional Port Authority awarded $2000 from the Economic Development Fund to assist with a bulk order of carrier oil and product packaging with which to provide more product at a quicker pace to improve pricing. (Facebook photo and Glacier County Regional Port Authority photo)

Natural Warrior photo.jpg

In 2020, the Rose Petal completed a full remodel, interior and exterior, along with a rebrand. With this development, the Rose Petal wished to update their exterior signage to match the interior updates and draw Main Street traffic awareness for their business. The Glacier County Regional Port Authority recognized the need to keep such a business, and is proud of what the Rose Petal has become. They awarded $2000 from the Economic Development Fund to assist with the funding of new signage. (Photos courtesy of the Cut Bank Pioneer Press)

Rose Petal_Ashley_Brenda_7199=(C).jpg
Rose Petal_New Sign_Spence Fowler_Yesco_

The Glacier County Historical Museum will be offering new experiences in history to visitors to our area as well as to residents in Cut Bank and the surrounding communities, one of which is the "Overnight In History" program. The "Overnight In History" program will allow guests to spend the night in a caboose, oil house, or homestead, with the primary goal of promoting learning through historic accuracy. Authentic adventures will begin with a site orientation, optional dinner, discussion about the venue and its role in history, the overnight stay, and breakfast the next morning. The Glacier County Historical Museum requested funding to build a 12' by 12' restroom and shower facility for guests, located next to the museum building but with a separate entrance, to ensure good customer service, safety, and a comfortable stay for guests. The Glacier County Regional Port Authority was able to provide a $2000 Economic Development Fund award, combined with a low interest $8000 loan with which to complete the project. Glacier County has a jewel of a museum, and the Port Authority is proud to be involved in such a unique project. (Photos courtesy of Glacier County Historical Museum)

Oil Worker's House.jpg
Homestead House.jpg

The Glacier Park Woman's Club was organized on December 4, 1920 and joined the Federation in 1921. By 1927 the club needed a meeting place and the town needed a community facility, so the process began to build the Community Hall. The women raised funds to buy land along Highway 2 across from the Great Northern Railroad Station. Through some political razzle-dazzle the building was constructed free of charge. The Women's Club donated the land to Glacier County, the county employed a CCC crew to build the structure and then it was all given back for Women's Club trusteeship. By 1934 the women had accomplished their goal and the town had a beautiful center for activities. 

The East Glacier Women's Club is proud to be one of the few Montana public libraries started by a Women's Club that is still run by the Club. In partnership with the Glacier County Library, club members volunteer one night a week to staff the library.

In past years the hall has been used for bingo parties, dances, backgammon tournaments, roller skating, movies, local plays, family and class reunions, pancake breakfasts, and chili dinners. The Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, 4-H, Lutheran Church, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Chamber of Commerce have held their meetings there. Classes in Blackfeet Language, CPR, western line dancing, quilting, and babysitting were taught because the hall was available. The Community Hall remains an official polling place for all local, state, and national elections, and has provided refuge for stranded travelers during blizzards. (Written by Janet Keyser Carnes, November 1997, Revised by Ursula Mattson October 2008)

When the Glacier County Regional Port Authority was approached by the East Glacier Park Women's Club, they had already raised funds for the past eight years with which to replace the $15,000 roof, and were still in need of assistance to replace five of the original windows. Women's Club members, as well as Glacier County residents, attested to the importance of the heart of East Glacier Park, and the Port Authority was honored to have a part in the renovation. A $2000 award from the Economic Development Fund assisted with the window replacement for this facility. Look forward to the Women's Club's annual fund raising events including a Christmas Bazaar, a Fireman's Ball, community potluck dinners, weddings, and private parties.


"Folklore Coffee is, ultimately, about giving thirsty people a drink." Nestled in small-town Montana on the Rocky Mountain front, Folklore Coffee was dreamed into existence when founders Andy and Anna were living overseas on isolated islands on of the east coast of Africa. 

Andy's coffee obsession and Anna's love of baking both healthy and unhealthy treats alike, along with their hope to see community growth in rural Conrad, Montana, culminated into Folklore Coffee. Andy attended the American Barista & Coffee School in Portland and the rest, as they say, is history. 

"We are so excited to be opening in Cut Bank!", said Andy and Anna. "Our vision, when we opened our first store, was to bring coffee to small towns at a quality level that they don't normally get to experience. We now have our coffee being served all over the state and beyond. We ship coffee from New York to Hawaii every month, but what we are most proud of is to see our coffee spreading in North Central Montana via small, community focused shops where people can get to know their neighbors better and pride for these great little towns can grow." Andy and Anna opened up a new store in the Rose Petal space in Cut Bank, and the Glacier County Regional Port Authority was able to assist with renovation with a $2000 award from the Economic Development Fund. (Facebook photos)


Johnson's is a seasonal resort located on the East Entrance of Glacier National Park, open from Mid-May to Mid-September. Johnson's is the longest operated family owned business on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Anyone who has lived in this region knows how brutal the weather can be, particular in the winter months. The wind had given the Johnson's signage a run for its money when the Glacier County Regional Port Authority was asked to consider an economic development award to assist with the purchase of "wraps" for the signs, which would make them more durable to the Rocky Mountain Front winds. In December, 2020, the Board of Directors were proud to assist Johnson's of St. Mary, particularly with the unknowns of the pandemic causing anxiety to the eastern corridor business owners. (Facebook photos)

The view from (and inside) Johnson's Cafe
view from Johnson's.jpg
Johnson's caramel rolls.jpg
Claire's logo.png

In February of 2021, Claire Reynolds, Family Nurse Practitioner, introduced the Glacier County Regional Port Authority Board of Directors to Functional Medicine - A Personal Approach. Claire was in the process of renovating an area building for her start-up business, Illuminate Wellness, PLLC, and requested economic development funding to provide furniture for the patient waiting area. While taking time to make their decision, the Board was enlightened by Claire's concepts. One beautiful renovation later, the furniture in Claire's new business was provided by the Port Authority's competitive Economic Development Award. (Facebook photos)

Claire's furniture.jpg
Follow Claire.jpg

our mission


To meet a need in our community by providing a
place for horses and their people to thrive in a safe

and enjoyable environment.


We desire to create a facility that can be used by the people of our community – both horse owners and enthusiasts alike – to enjoy the physical and
emotional benefits that horses can provide.


The Glacier County Regional Port Authority is proud to have assisted Sunshine Stables with an Economic Development Award with which to purchase an additional lesson horse. (Facebook photos)

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